Dr. H's

Truly understand and enjoy basic research statistical terminology and concepts, ensuring success in your school or life's work.

Star in Your Own Story

Whether it's a Ted Talk inspired lesson, a performance art piece, or even an online video resume you would like to upload to a Company you are applying for, these fun and simple exercises will give you the confidence you need to Shine.

Getting Over Stage Fright

Here are some fun exercises to excite your next performance with complete confidence.

Learn How to Sense Energy!

Yes! You CAN learn how to sense energy! This one-hour, on demand course will walk you step-by-step through the process. Explore the amazing and eye-opening experience of connecting energetically to your surroundings!

Dr. H's

Envision, plan, accomplish a successful dinner party from soup to nuts. Guided by practical advice and professional secrets, you remain calm and on point, enjoying your guests and the party. Learn core steps that are adaptable to any occasion.

Margy & Robin

This is an introduction to two end-of-life plans to consider: the value of having an Advance Directive for Health Care in place, and the advantages of holding a Home Funeral for yourself or a loved one.

Kristine Madera's

The biggest barrier to using essential oils for most people is knowing which oil to use when. You can spend hours researching the (often contradictory) opinions of others and end up being more confused than when you started. What if you had a reliable way to know which oil is best for you—every single time? Your body always knows which oil will be most helpful for you. The challenge is learning how to reliably access your body’s wisdom. This course will teach you how to do this!

Make Your Own Tarot Deck!

Step-by-detailed step instruction will guide you as your digital images are transformed into a physical card deck! We will utilize the print on demand company The Game Crafter to accomplish this metamorphosis. Your vision realized!

Empty Room Miniatures

Using the included printable pattern as a template, this class will recreate a miniature scale Louis XV armchair. The pattern is based off of a modern style which is a simplified version of the fully gilded chairs of the period. However, this allows easier to cut curves while still maintaining the distinctive cabriole leg style. Furniture during the Rocaille Period (1710 - 1750) is characterized by its curved forms and at its heyday it was fully decorated with inlays of exotic wood, pearls and ivory - displaying all the excesses for which the King it was named after was known for.

Miche Meizner's

Discover the gift that you came here to be. Are you living your truth or are you trying to fit into someone else's blueprint? This course will teach the steps necessary to discover what is true for you and how to love, respect and appreciate your authentic self. Learn to shift your energy and your mindset to go from living like like a series of battles and experience your life like an adventure or sacred soul journey instead.

Veronica Torres's

Being an Empath is like having a superhero power IF you know how to use it to your benefit. It took decades of study for me to learn how to THRIVE as an Empath. All my best tips and tools are here.