Yes! You CAN learn to sense energy!

I've spent the last two decades helping people explore their personal evolution.

One thing I've been asked over and over again is, "How can I learn how to sense energy?"

I put together this class to show you how!

Quick Introduction!

Doubt you can sense energy? Watch this!

I've found that essential oils offer a strong and clear energetic emanation so I like to use them to demonstrate how to sense energy. You can also use crystals, plants, heirlooms or any other object that you feel a connection to. The process of sensing energy is the same no matter what you use.

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Included in this one-hour, on demand, course:

Mindset support:

  • Believe (even if you have to pretend) that it’s possible.
  • Release preconceived notions about what it will be like. Be a blank slate.
  • Don’t talk yourself out of what you're experiencing.
  • Don’t fall for the temptation to compare your experience to the experience of others (as a way to discount or invalidate your experience).

Step-by-step examples of sensing energy:

  • Learn from the experiences of others (most of whom TOTALLY doubted they could sense energy when we started.)
  • Share in the celebration of their successes!

Start developing your individual energy sensing language:

  • You are building YOUR language for you.
  • It will draw on the things that you have experienced and value.


“When I took Veronica's Energy Sensing Class, the first thing I noticed was how confident she was that we ALL could do this.

She was very reassuring and encouraging. She guided us to find our own experience in our own way.

One of my favorite points was how everyone would likely talk about objects or sense energy from our own point of view. Like how a mother would be using words and visuals that related to kids and naps and over-tired whereas a massage therapist would probably use different words that somehow described a similar energy.

I do feel some forms of energy and still the idea of feeling something as subtle as the difference between two bottles of essential oil seemed far beyond my abilities.

Veronica expertly paired up essential oils that she knew to be very different energetically and wow - even with the first pair, I could feel the difference and then feel a little deeper or feel it more vividly with words or pictures coming to mind.

Veronica makes this so accessible and so believable that we can really do such things that her enthusiasm just sort of whisks you right along with her and suddenly you really are sensing energy.

I say don't miss this opportunity to learn a ton about the oils and something even more important about yourself and what is possible.”

Miche MeiznerMiche Meizner

“This Energy Sensing class is a gift. Veronica Torres is so encouraging, and has such expanded sensitivities, yet is so grounded at the same time, that it's fun just to see her teaching. And then! The opportunity to learn how to experience the energy of essential oils or crystals, and with practice, the energy of other physical objects, has the potential to profoundly shift the way one relates to everything in one's environment.

In Veronica's "Living and Thriving As an Empath" class, I was kinda shocked to discover that I could sense the energy of certain strong oils. This "Learn How to Sense Energy" class starts in the same place, so is perfect if you've never tried it before, but covers more ground, more specifics and more tips as to what information you're likely to pick up first, and how to expand on that, and develop more fluency with your own style.

I have enjoyed watching the class again, while I moved on to sensing the energy of three river stones, as it companionably provides helpful guidance for the exploration.”

Susan HaganSusan Hagan

“If this course topic caught your eye, you should definitely take the plunge and enroll! Veronica Torres leads the class with a mixture of fun, confidence and expertise.

You will benefit not only from Veronica’s wisdom but also from listening to members of the course as they learn, experience and explore in practical ways how to sense the energetics of essential oils. You will find yourself opening to your own gift of sensing energy in ways you may never have thought possible.

Truly an enjoyable and valuable course leaving you prepared with the basic knowledge and skill of sensing the energetic message of essential oils and beyond!”

LeeAnn HawkinsLeeAnn Hawkins

“This class is so EMPOWERING! Yes, it's a course in how to sense energies, but it is, even more importantly, a course in trusting yourself.

When you learn how to sense the energetics of things, you open yourself up to a whole new world. It is so powerful and fun to learn that everything around us has something to share and it is even more powerful to know that you can "hear" those messages.

So take this class, have a great time, and open yourself up to trust, love and connection.”

Julie TragerJulie Trager


  • Veronica Torres

    Veronica Torres


    A life-long energetic sensitive, Veronica has spent decades discovering and evolving her intuitive gifts. She an author, spiritual teacher, channel for Eloheim & The Council, creator of the Energetics of Essential Oils Deck, and co-creator of the Tools for the Sensitive Soul deck.