Your Everyday Expertise is something you ALREADY know but has never supported you as an income stream!

Or, your Expertise is something that you have earned income from, but haven't been able to present online because you simply didn't know how.

Our step-by-step instructions guide you as you shape your Everyday Expertise into a one-hour, online course serving as a new income stream! No need to be a "techy" person. Just follow the step-by-step instructions and your course will be ready for your students!
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Discover your Everyday Expertise, Build Your Online Home, and Create Your First Online Course

  • Perceived blocks become BREAKTHROUGHS. You will have support on each and every step!

  • Create Your Own Online Course Built Around Your Everyday Expertise! You will have an online course ready to generate passive income.

  • Earn Money While You Sleep! Student payments for your course are completely automated and hands off. Once it's set up, it's done! The software provides your students access to your course automatically.

  • Your Own Webpage - You will know how to easily make changes and updates. No need to wait for someone else (or pay someone else) to do that for you!

  • Perfectly Positioned to Add Additional Short Courses or Build a Larger Course. Everything you learn making your first course can be repeated and only gets easier as you get more familiar with the software.


I can't say enough good things about Veronica Torres' training/coaching/support course Everyday Expertise.

Veronica is a master of clear, concise, useful, actionable instruction and insight.

I can't recommend her course highly enough.

I have been wanting to create an online course for the last 3 years.  Between over-thinking and overwhelmed I've walked away from at least 4 different online sites. Each time I would wind up staring like a deer in the headlights at the options and instructions and my mind would just blank out.  

Everything is covered here; from exploring ideas to deciding, planning, creating, and uploading.

You get a thorough list of the materials you need to write, create, gather - like a bio, an outline, including the exact dimensions you need for each banner or image. And the advice of gathering that all before beginning the online setup. There are suggestions, examples and screenshots on just about every bit.

In my previous attempts, setting up the structure and filling in all the details online was always the worst deer in the headlights part for me.

This time, I did it!  

Step by careful step I got the virtual hand-holding I needed from start to finish. From setting up an account, through all the decisions and choices required to create the school page, the class pages, landing page, choosing the theme and colors for your page and dozens of other check boxes and decisions.

My first course is up and I feel so confident now about adding new ones.

The only time I had trouble was when I skipped ahead and didn't read the complete instructions. It was kind of spooky though - every question or stumbling point I came to when I looked back at the instructions (same step I was on) there were answers in the exact same order that the questions came up for me.

If I had this program three years ago - I'd now have three years worth of classes online instead of a bunch of great ideas gathering dust inside my head.

If you've ever wanted to teach a course and put it online, if you think you've got something to share, even if you don't know what that is exactly; this is hands down the smartest, easiest way to get there.

Miché Meizner
Heartfelt Energetics Coach and Mentor
Chief Spoonbender at the Spoonbenders Cafe.

Michés course

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  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
    Clarity about your Course
    • Gaining Clarity FREE PREVIEW
    • Accountability Partner
    • Important!
    • Staying Organized
    • Describe Your Everyday Expertise
    • Let's do a Brain Dump!
    • The Scope of Your First Course
    • Describe Your Ideal Student
    • Check In
  • 4
    Gathering What You Will Need
    • Preparation
    • Instructor Information
    • Why You Teach This Material
    • School Details
    • Description of Your First Course
    • Color and Font
    • Images Needed
    • Final Set-Up Details
    • Check In
  • 5
    First Set-Up Steps
    • IMPORTANT!!!!!
    • Getting Registered and First Set-Up Steps
    • Bookmarks
    • Adding You as an Instructor
    • Setting the Course Settings
    • Setting the Home Page Settings
    • Choosing a Theme
    • Loading your Logo
    • The Pages We Will Set Up
    • Check In
  • 6
    Building Your School Home Page
    • Format of This Course
    • Your School Home Page Overview
    • Structuring Your Home Page
    • Loading Your Banner Image
    • Filling in Your First Text & Media Section
    • Filling in Your Image & Text (with CTA) Section
    • Filling in Your Checklist Section
    • Filling in Your Second Text & Media Section
    • Filling in Your Call to Action Section
    • Filling in Your Instructor Section
    • Customizing Your Footer
    • Congratulations!
    • Check In
  • 7
    Building Your Course Landing Page
    • Overview of Your Course Landing Page
    • Accessing Your Course Landing Page Setup
    • Structuring Your Course Landing Page
    • Loading Your Banner Image
    • Filling in Your Text (with CTA) Section
    • Filling in Your Checklist Section
    • Filling in Your Curriculum Section
    • Filling in Your Text & Media Section
    • Filling in Your Image & Text (with CTA) Section
    • Filling in Your Instructor Section
    • Congratulations!
    • Check In
  • 8
    Building Your Course Player Page
    • Overview
    • Accessing Your Course Player Page Setup
    • How to Add Text
    • How to Add Video
    • How to Add an Audio Recording
    • How to Add a Survey
    • How to Add a PDF
    • How to Add a Download
    • How to Delete a Block
    • How to Duplicate a Block
    • Build the Course Player Page
    • Enabling Discussions
    • Creating a Free Preview