PLEASE NOTE: This course does NOT include instructions about how to create your actual artwork. I'm not a graphic design expert so I will leave that to those that know better and I will focus on the part I DO know how to do!

You WILL BE provided with templates showing you exactly what is needed so that you can prepare the artwork or have your graphic designer create the images.

IMPORTANT: We will be using a United States based print on demand company (The Game Crafter) so any decks you order will ship from the US.

What the Course Includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions as you decide the scope of your deck: What size cards will you use? Will you include a box? Do you want to include a booklet?

  • An examination of the wholesale costs and retail price of your project.

  • Full instructions for loading your artwork to the Game Crafter site and setting your deck up for ordering.

  • How to order your proof deck.

  • Guidance for creating your store page on the Game Crafter site and making your deck live for sales. The Game Crafter handles all aspects of sales via its website. You are paid via PayPal.

  • How to order inventory for your own use.

  • and MORE!!!!


The Choice for Consciousness Deck

This deck uses the poker size cards and the clear poker tuck box